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Capturing Attention The Whole Brain Way!

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Communicating The Whole Brain Way!

What Method Speaks To Everyone?

How do you capture attention using the whole brain approach? The right brain and left brain way of learning and listening is very different. In Brain Gym® we find that if you are right handed does not necessarily mean that you are a left brain dominant person. Conversely if you are left handed, you may not be a right brain dominant person. You may desire to see the previous article on Right Brain, Left Brain, Which Am I?, if you have not viewed it yet.

Using the Whole Brain approach assists you in capturing the audiences attention. It caters to both types of people. This method may be used for presentations, business, sports, school, college, everyday living, and for almost anything.

Right brain dominant people need the big picture. Left brain dominant people want the details. How do we accommodate these two distinct ways of perceiving the world? It is fairly simple.

During any presentation, speaking engagement, classroom event, or speaking to each other on a daily basis......always begin with The Big Picture. This can be a brief overview of what is to come next - The Details.

By beginning with general all encompassing statements, you will give the right brain dominant listeners the big context, the whole picture, so that they can more easily plug in all of those left brain details and facts. Otherwise the right brain dominant person is wondering where all of this is going to? What is this really all about? What do all of these details mean?

So if you are right brain dominant, you may already be doing this. However right brain dominant people need to make sure that they include enough details for the left brain dominant listeners, otherwise the left brainers may be lost and asking a lot of questions. Left brain dominant people like facts and more facts. This makes them very happy.

This information is especially crucial for teachers since they are creating and influencing the generations to come. It is also beneficial to include along with this whole brain approach auditory methods, visuals, and options for movement - kinesthetic types of learning. This aids in teaching, communication, and presenting with a more holistic whole brain approach. This is not only beneficial to teachers, it has many uses in the business corporate world along with everyday living.

Finally, it is a great idea to summarize using the big picture at the end. This further reinforces what you are speaking about. This may be a quick overview. Even one or two sentences will work. Please enjoy using the both the left and right brain hemispheres at work, school, with friends, and at home! Optimize speaking and communicating the Whole Brain Way!

Have fun and see how you talk to people today!

Bonnie Z

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