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9 Tips to Spring Into Better FENG SHUI!

Bright Beauties!

Would you like to Enhance the Feng Shui of your home?

Spring is a time for new beginnings and new life! One way to perk up your home is to do a spring cleaning. Organize and get the air currents to carry that life enhancing Qi energy... to bring more joy into your life. One could also choose to re-energize your home any time of the year with the following tips!

Too much stuff literally could be making your home stuffy with a heavy feeling. Clogged pathways could = slowed life, slowed movement, challenges with finances, health, or relationships.

If your home is really tidy simply give it an extra burst of joy with fresh flowers. On the other hand if there are extra things or a bit untidy, spring is a great time to renew your home.

  1. Clean areas that you may have overlooked during the winter months.

  2. Organize any area that may be a bit overloaded. Clear any clutter.

  3. Decide if you are going to use the item, love it, or would it be better to give it away or sell it.

  4. Feel free to actually throw out or recycle excess papers, etc... Avoid saving advertising mailings.

  5. Make sure to have clear pathways even on steps.

  6. If you have collected too much furniture, decide what you really like, then find new homes for the rest.

Do your pictures and decor match your goals in life?

Holistic: Now is a great time to look around. See what is really in your environment. Your paintings or photographs, decorative items. Are these things supportive to you today? Or are they something that you have outgrown?

  1. Adjust your decorations and wall hangings to match your goals.

  2. Make sure everything is positive.

  3. Remove and let go of the past items. Move forward with success.

Have You Written Down Your Goals?

Holistic: Please take out a pen and paper. Think about where you are now, where you are going, and where you want to be today, in a week, month, year, or 5 years. Write your goals down on paper!

  1. Phrase your goal in a positive manner.

  2. Avoid using not's, no's, should have or could have.

  3. You may add a time line as to when you desire for this goal to manifest.

  4. Look at your goals periodically and update if necessary.

  5. Review your goals and CELEBRATE the success of all you have achieved!

You see, I too am enhancing my FENG SHUI, with a good spring boost! It really can make a big difference!

Too much stuff can be a real drag, a heavy weight. Free yourself! Have better Feng Shui right now today!

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Have Fabulous Day!


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