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Are You Ready for the New Feng Shui Cycle?

Walk Through the Doorway to a

New Feng Shui Day!

Classical Feng Shui is based on the solar calendar. The changing of cycles occurs yearly when the sun is closest to the earth. (This is not the same as the much celebrated New Year in the orient.)

The date the new Classical Feng Shui year begins is on February 4th, with an occasional variance of a day or two.

What does this mean to you?

Homes and offices have an inherent set of magnetic environmental influence that effects people. This is based on the precise compass direction and the year the structure was built. In addition to this, there is the annual Feng Shui change that occurs in alignment with the suns closest point to our earth.

Authentic Classical Feng Shui Consultants are available to update the enhancement boosters and the remedies in your living quarters or office. Some remedies are long term that last for years. Others may require an update yearly or as an example, twice in nine years.

Modern Feng Shui does Not take the changing cycles into consideration.

Classical Feng Shui is the best choice for the most effective enrichment of your relationships, prosperity, and well-being! It effects at least 20% of people's lives.

Have Great Prosperity and Good Fortune through out the year!

Bonnie Z

copyright 2020, The Harmonic Zone, LLC

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