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To FENG SHUI or Not to FENG SHUI, that is the Question!

Should I use Feng Shui? Does it make a difference?

What really is Feng Shui?

Did you know that you already have Feng Shui? It is everywhere. It is in your home and at work. It is a "Naturally Occurring Phenomenon" that exists everywhere on planet earth.

We could call Feng Shui a natural law that simply just is. The unseen hidden aspects, along with the facets that are observable with the naked eye. These Feng Shui factors exist... even when it is something that one has never heard of before.

You may say that I have a book on Feng Shui... Well is it the time tested Classical Feng Shui? The authentic traditional way? Or is it a modern version that uses intention rather than the scientifically rooted Classical version?

Modern versions often use intention, intuition, or the 8 basic 45-degree directions. Color recommendations could even be potentially dangerous, in some situations. How does this compare to Classical Feng Shui?

Classical FENG SHUI

  • Uses precise compass direction

  • Involves changing cycles of time

  • Assesses the innate blueprint of a building

  • Considers both interior and exterior factors

  • Observes potential for challenges in key areas of life

  • Uses remedies of the 5 Elements: Water, Wood, Fire Colors, Earth, or Metal

  • Birth data determines 8 different directional aspects and the deeper 15 degree directions

  • Based on architectural design, physics, astronomy, and the environment

Classical FENG SHUI assists people to enrich their relationships, health and well-being, and financial success!

This true Feng Shui Way, takes a deep dive with years of study and practice. With this in mind, I have written a book that covers aspects of Classical Feng Shui that you can easily implement yourself.

"168 FENG SHUI Tips for the Home Office and More: Plus Holistic and Personal Success Keys"

If you would like assistance with enhancing your life with Classical Feng Shui, I am offering a....

Special 2022 Spring Savings Event!!!

Please contact me to learn more!

May the Joy of Spring fill Your Heart with Happiness and all of the goodness that life has to offer!


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