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Classical Feng Shui and Romance


Does Feng Shui effect romance and relationships?

Yes! Authentic Classical Feng Shui can effect relationships, prosperity, and well-being.

How can Classical Feng Shui effect relationships?

  • Assist people to attract romance when seeking a new relationship

  • To remove relationships blocks or stressors related to Feng Shui

  • Enhance relationship good fortune

  • Deal with 3rd party interference when it is related to Classical Feng Shui

Do Modern Feng Shui Books have accurate information on romance?

No, modern books often tell people to use symbolic type of decorations to attract romance. This is Not genuine Classical Feng Shui. An example of this is placing a pair of mandarin ducks in the "relationship corner." Authentic Classical Feng Shui does Not have a relationship corner.

A pair of ducks or birds is a symbol of a pair of items. Modern science says that everything is energy. Therefore anything that is in your home has some type of an effect, as it is part of the overall energy pattern. If you would like to use ducks, by all means do so. It just is not real Feng Shui. Belief can also be a powerful component in life.

What to do on your own that can have a positive effect on your romantic aspirations.

  1. As everything is energy, it really is a good idea to check your living environment and root out anything that does not promote your life goals.

  2. It certainly is uplifting to have pictures or paintings that are positive and good examples of your life's dreams.

  3. Remove any type of negative decor or photos from your environment. If you are looking for a relationship, would it be a good idea to have pictures of lonely women or men in your home? What about lonely nick-knacks? Is this what you are looking for?

In Classical Feng Shui, there is a 15 degree direction specific to the person, that increases the chances of having a "lonely pillow" or also known as the "sleep alone" direction. There are also methods to increase opportunities for romance to fly into people's lives. This is also a 15 degree direction that correlates to an individual occupant.

If you would like extra assistance with Classical Feng Shui and romance, please contact Bonnie.

Have a wonderful day!

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