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Classical Feng Shui: Do you update your Feng Shui on February 4th?

Annual Feng Shui Changes!

Classical Feng Shui changes occur annually on about February 4th, the day the sun is closest to the earth. Different configurations take place on a yearly basis. If you have never heard of this before, you are new to Authentic Traditional Feng Shui.

Real Classical Feng Shui is not a one size fits all. Some things can be found that say to do this and that. However they are generalized and may not be the best for your specific situation. The only way to make the right enhancements and remedies is through a Classical Feng Shui Consultation.

The precise compass direction and the date the building was constructed are major considerations in formatting your Feng Shui needs. Environmental and architectural issues are also assessed. To enrich your prosperity, relationships, and well-being use authentic Classical Feng Shui. To check out some potential benefits CLICK HERE!

Have a Harmonious and Splendid Day!

Bonnie Z

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