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Classical Feng Shui Keys: 1. An Accurate Floor Plan

Floor Plan for Success!

Classical Feng Shui Keys: 1. An Accurate Floor Plan

For surgery, what if the doctor guessed where to go? To say it is in this general area.....somewhere......let's see if it is found here. Oops not here! Let's try a few inches to the right. Oh my...maybe it is to the left. Oh no, where could it be?

This is what modern Feng Shui methods do. They are sometimes not even based on anything other than intuition....or one size fits all. Intuition is absolutely great....but it is Not scientifically based Classical Feng Shui.

Classical Feng Shui creates an environment that is conducive to creating positive results. It is based on architectural design, the environment, logical, and uses mathematical calculations. It takes into account space and the changing cycles of time.

How does Classical Feng Shui tune in?

1. Precise compass reading of the building.

2. Date the building was constructed.

3. Accurate Floor Plan.

Authentic Feng Shui and Floor Plans

Is it worth the effort to have an accurate floor plan?

Absolutely yes!

Modern versions of Feng Shui may use the main door or the front of the home for a reference point. These forms of quasi or very loosely based “Feng Shui” were developed to make it easy. Easy for those who want a quick fix. But does it really fix anything? That is the question. A very big question at that!

It takes years to master the scientific approach that Classical or Traditional Feng Shui uses. It takes mind power, determination, practice, and study. Reading a book is not the way to Authentic Feng Shui.

Some of the new forms of so-called “feng shui” include aspirations, intuitive western, black hat, or anything based on black hat. They do Not use an accurate floor plan. They are more symbolic in nature.

As a matter of fact some of the generalized red color recommendations, could encourage events that carry potentially stressful consequences. Like procrastination, health issues, stress, arguments, accidents, or even big money delays. Does anyone really want to try the one-size-fits all book methods? NO thanks!

The accurate and authentic Classical Feng Shui method uses a to scale floor plan. This is key for an in-depth audit of a building. People find that it can even be fun making their own floor plan!

This way an area can be either remedied or enriched by using appropriate enhancers made of the 5 elements. There is No surgical Feng Shui guesswork involved!

The 5 elements consist of items that are metal, water, wood, fire colors, or earthen in nature. There are no expensive knick-knacks in Classical Feng Shui. Items that match your decor are best! Beauty and simplicity! A great combination!

Acupuncture, the sister science of Classical Feng Shui, is also based on the 5 elements. Today acupuncture is being used for service women and men in the US. It has been recognized as effective! There certainly is great merit in both of these time-proven methods!

CEO’s, entertainers, politicians, business women and men, and families are using the Power of Classical Feng Shui to improve their success, well-being, and relationships.

Join us to enrich your life's journey!

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