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Classical Feng Shui Keys: 2. Compass Direction

Why Classical Feng Shui Uses a Precise Compass Direction!

Classical Feng Shui uses precise compass directions. Many modern books use 8 directions or do not even use any compass at all. These are Not what you are looking for if you would like results oriented methods.

When driving or walking, will going in any old direction get you where you want to be? Or taking a "guest-imate", it must be over there a little farther to the right or left. Maybe just a few more feet ahead on the winding path? Just beyond the bend..... It could lead to being lost or ending up way off course. Even landing in a most precarious spot. Hang on!

Ok, let us take the safe approach to the journey and use an accurate compass reading. Let us quickly arrive at our chosen destination, by using the proven method of a compass.

Examples of the modern methods of so called Feng Shui are such types as Black Hat or Aspirations or anything that uses these methods as a starting point. There are various versions.

As an example, Black Hat does not even use a compass. It uses the main door as a reference point for all of the 8 generalized areas. Does this work? It is based on symbols.

Symbols are fine and dandy to focus your dreams.

Symbols are Not what Authentic Feng Shui is really about. Classical Feng Shui is results oriented with potential situations occurring related to the space of the building, the environment, and changing cycles of time.

Real Feng Shui is logical which uses mathematical calculations.

Classical Feng Shui is deeply rooted in architecture, physics, astronomy, design, and the environment. It requires a precision that does not allow for guessing directions.

The traditional classical method frequently breaks the compass down into 24 main directions. These directions are used to determine the back and front of a building and for specialized 15 degree directions that are based on the occupants birth data.

An accurate compass reading is so important that a special large compass was developed for Classical Feng Shui. It is like an old fashioned hand held mini computer with key data that is written on the face of the compass, including the 360 degree directions.

Another thing to be cautious about is that the front of the house or the street side may not be the front of the house for Classical Feng Shui purposes. There are some consultants who promote their version of Classical Feng Shui that uses the front or main door as the front of the building. This is Not the accurate way of doing an audit. Results maybe minimal to none when the direction for the back and the front of the building or apartment are only based only on the main entrance. The Feng Shui front could even be at the side with no doors at all.

For good results, experience Classical Feng Shui that is based on proven benefits, from centuries of applications and field studies.

Please email Bonnie,, for Authentic Classical Feng Shui! Schedule a complementary 1/2 hour session to discuss this exiting and rewarding method.

May your path be well lit and speedily take you to your Happy destination! Enjoy your day!

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