Drink Water to Think!

Water is the Key to Think!

Water is an essential part of life!

We all know that water is something that is much appreciated when doing all types of sports activities. It is a real thirst quencher.

Did you know that Water is key to thinking?

It may be a surprise, but when someone is low on water, it can cause...... FUZZY Thinking. Yes, you heard me right!

How could this be?

Well, first of all the body is, believe it or not, mostly composed of water. It does not look like it from the outside! Yet the adult body contains about 60 to 70% water.

The brain contains about 75% of water. Even the bones contain water.

When fluids are even just a little low, thinking may deteriorate. Under stress, the need for water can increase significantly.....perhaps even doubling.

Drink and sip water to stay mentally alert and focused!


1. Water for mental activities at work.

2. Water in the classroom.

3. Water during tests and exams.

4. Water for sports.

5. Water while working from home.

6. Water when relaxing at the beach or on a hot day.

Stay hydrated and drink nature's gift to us...refreshing Water!

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Bonnie Z

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