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Feng Shui Outdoors: Springtime

Early Spring Yard Feng Shui

Late Spring Flower Enhancements

Springtime is drawing near. This is a great time of the year to clean and tidy your yard or garden. Leaves or twigs and branches may have accumulated in your yard over the fall and winter seasons.

Cleaning the exterior area of your home improves the curb appeal. It also boosts the Feng Shui inside and out. Flowers also create a positive enrichment to your home.

It is a great time to start any repair projects as the weather turns from snow to spring and summer. It is best to keep a home in good working condition. This creates better chi for those living there.

Improvements may not only enhance how things appear to the physical eye. They can make it simply feel much better. Be sure to keep the pathways and sidewalks to the door in good condition and clutter free. This adds an extra boost.

Another highly important key is have a tidy entry area inside your home. It is a good idea to sweep or vacuum here on a regular basis. Keep things where they belong. Remove unnecessary items or clutter from the entryway.

Use Feng Shui seeing to look around as if it is the first time you have ever seen the outside of your home. See what stands out as being out of place, what would benefit from repairs, and anything that would increase the curb appeal.

Then Spring into Action, one step at a time. Enjoy a brighter environment outside!

Classical Feng Shui is all about harmony and a good flow of positive healthy air currents. Invite the fresh life giving air from outside to enter your home.

Have a day full of joy!

Bonnie Z

copyright 2020, the Haarmonic Zone, LLC


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