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Healthy Considerations for Masks and Hand Washing

Bright Masks!

Wearing masks has been recommended during these trying times!

Bubbly Hand Washing!

Thorough Hand Washing has been considered a Key to stop the spread of germs and infection!

Have you thought about this?


  1. Under normal circumstance health care workers wear a mask for each new patient and then dispose of it.

  2. With the shortage that has happened, some have been forced to wear a mask all day, or even worse save the same mask for reuse for days at a time.

Why Change the Mask So Often?

  1. There may be germs, bacteria. viruses, and other such contaminants on the outside of the mask.

  2. Changing with each new patient helps stop the spread of infection.

  3. Touching a reused mask could have illness causing pathogens on it.

Cloth Masks for the Public

  1. Considering the above, it may be a good idea to wash any cloth homemade masks between wearing.

  2. Since you are breathing through the cloth, disinfecting with sprays only could be HARMFUL to your health, if you breath in the chemicals in the disinfectant. Do not so this.

Masks that are sold in stores

  1. When reusing masks that are not made of cloth, there is the consideration that it may have infection on the outside.

  2. If at all possible, do not re-use masks.

  3. Certainly wash your hands after removing.

  4. Do not contaminate the inside of the mask with dirty hands as this could lead to breathing in pathogens.

  5. If you have to reuse a mask, store it safely with a covering.

  6. Be extremely careful re-suing masks, as this is Not recommended during normal circumstances, when masks are readily available.

  7. Spraying disinfectant on the mask could be dangerous related to the harmful chemicals in the disinfectant. Do not do this.

Hand Washing

  1. Washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds is always the best option.

  2. Include fingernails and in between fingers.

  3. If soap and water is not available, then a good quality hand sanitizer should be used.

The above ideas are just that.. ideas. Please follow any guidelines of your health care provider or government health recommendations. You are responsible for your own safety and wellness. The Harmonic Zone, LLC is not responsible for your use of any of the above ideas.

Have a Safe and Healthy Day!

copyright 2020, The Harmonic Zone, LLC


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