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How to Find Authentic Traditional Feng Shui: Amongst the sea of many choices

There is Modern Feng Shui and then there is Traditional, also known as Classical Feng Shui.

Classical is the best choice for Results and for promoting enriched well-being, relationships, and prosperity!

Did you know that there are multiple methods floating around in the Traditional Feng Shui sea? Some work and some rely on misguided theories.

How can you tell what is Authentic?

What Really Works?

Results and time honored methods are the choice. You see Traditional Feng Shui is a very complex subject. Some teachers have come from the east and attempted to teach it to westerners. They found that it was difficult and that students were just not getting it.

New methods were then created to may it easier for westerners to learn such as "Black Hat" or "Aspirations" "Feng Shui" methods.

It appears that some have the chosen the path of least resistance...... to promote something that is easy to market and make money on. And there are also the profits from selling nik-knaks which are generally folk lore in nature.

Some Feng Shui practitioners may be very well meaning and have a genuine desire to promote what is authentic. Yet they themselves have learned something that was based on erroneous concepts.

Authentic Classical (Traditional) Feng Shui is a scientifically founded method that has been used for centuries by powerful rulers.

Today CEO's, business women and men, entertainers, politicians, and people in all walks of life are enjoying Classical Feng Shui's benefits.

Listed Below are 3 examples of what is NOT Traditional Feng Shui.

This is a bit technical in nature, yet gives some explanation between Real Traditional Feng Shui and methods that call themselves such. Some of it may even sound quite different.

1. Using the Move-In date for calculations on a building.

This makes it easy but is not accurate. It does not capture the true nature of a structure's inherent characteristics. This could lead to potential big problems! (The mathematical calculations relate to a time period, to determine the appropriate remedies and enhancers to boost people's lives.) It is based on accurate dates.

2. Use of a grid method that is pie shaped inside a home.

The pie grid method is used for what is called, yin house feng shui, which is used in the east for grave sites. It has been said that this can effect the next 3 generations positively or negatively.

The method for homes is called Yang House Feng Shui which is done for the living. The grid is used to determine the best placement of Feng Shui remedies and enhancers. Authentic Feng Shui for homes uses a 9 sector tic-tac-toe like grid inside the building.

3. Placing the biggest emphasis on the front of the home or building.

This is quite prevalent. Yet this once again relates to the yin house grave site method, not Classical Feng Shui for homes or buildings.

True Classical Feng Shui Remedies are made out of the 5 elements. The 5 Elements also play a significant role in Feng Shui's sister science, Acupuncture.

Today Acupuncture has been adopted by the west as a beneficial modality. Did you know that servicemen and women and veterans have been using this healing option in America? Yes it is true!

The five element remedies consist of wood, fire colors, earth, metal, and water. If someone has recommended something else, then this is once again not True Traditional Feng Shui. The element remedies are selected by the home's occupants to go along with their own taste and decor. (No odd looking items scattered around the office or house!)

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Have a Bright and Glorious Day.... Full of Joy and the Abundance of the Universe!

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