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Inspire: Harmony and Balance!

Landscape Design of Harmony

How to experience more harmony and balance in life?

  • Choosing to take time to "play"

  • Supportive relationships

  • Clean and tidy living space

  • Balanced lighting

  • Some open space in rooms... not filled to the brim

  • Positive supportive images in your home

  • Healthy emotions

  • Eating right

  • Adequate sleep

  • Fresh air

  • Movement with exercise

  • Socialization and companionship

  • Quiet relaxation and reflective time

  • Gratitude

  • Givingness and kindness

  • Seeing the world through the eyes of a child

Life seeks to bring balance. If things feel a bit out of kilter, check where you are. Do you have a balance between the different aspects in your world?

Check if there is too much time working and no time left to something that you enjoy. An activity that allows your spirit to soar.

Relaxing in the hot tub, swimming, running, going to the museum, a picnic, reading a good book, sports, visiting friends, golfing, taking a walk, attending a concert, a theater outing, dinner for two, time with your family, playing with your pets, playing musical instruments, a party, a walk at the beach, quiet meditation.........

Taking time for renewal..... can boost the balance and harmony in your life. A deep breath of fresh air can go a long way to enhance peace and joy!

Have a beautiful day of happiness spreading a smile wherever you go!

Bonnie Z

copyright 2020, The Harmonic Zone, LLC


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