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Inspire: Holiday Cheer!

Holiday Lights to Brighten Your Life!

Holiday Cheer!

Enjoy friends and family at this time of the year!

The people in our our lives are the most important aspect of the season! The hustle and bustle of buying just the right gifts may potentially lead to stress. Some people even start way ahead of time, perhaps even after the new year.

Yet what really matters is the people in our lives. Even kindness to strangers can add a boost not only to them but to yourself. You never know when a single kind deed can change a person's life for the better.

Some may be away from friends or family during the holidays. If you are feeling a bit lonely, know that there are positive ways to connect to others in a meaningful way. Organizations that may add to your cheer are volunteering at local groups that assist others in need. This could be related to food, clothing, church, or other possibilities. This enriches your life and others. Find a way to join others in celebrating!

Ways to uplift others may include visiting an elderly person, inviting someone for a meal, or bringing fresh baked goods to a neighbor. The opportunities to spread happiness are nearly unlimited. Be open and ready to step in to enrich people's lives. They will smile, you will smile. It is a win-win situation for everyone! Spread Holiday Cheer!

Holiday Cheer is something that comes from within. It is a joy to share smiles and kindness during this season when the hours of sunlight have dwindled. Brighten others lives with your own unique Joy and Holiday Cheer! Spread Smiles along your way!

Happy Holidays!

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