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Inspire: New Years Resolutions!

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Happy New Year!

Whether it is New Years Eve or just about anytime of the year, one may choose to make positive changes in their life.

A New Years Resolution may range from deleting negative habits, creating positive changes, physical actions such as loosing weight, quitting smoking, an exercise program to eating a more healthier diet. The choice of improving oneself has many avenues that may be pursued. Perhaps a better job, increased abundance, improving your relationships at work and at home. You name it!

The KEY to assisting positive changes includes writing your goal down on paper. Yes pen and paper works best especially in cursive writing as seen below! (Cursive writing is a whole brain activity which utilizes both the right and left hemispheres.) This may be a step that you have not utilized before. Simply write it down! You may also choose to keep a log of a sentence or two a day or even weekly. This assits you to stay on track with your resolution or positive life changes.

The Harmonic Zone offers Brain Gym® Balances which actually makes new connections in the brain related to your goal. This encourages success when you have the determined mind, body, and physical brain geared to reaching and maintaining your aspirations.

Classical Feng Shui may also assist you on your journey with your goals. Some environmental features may need tweeked or further enhanced to promote your desires. Areas that may be effected by your unique home and work Feng Shui include relationships, health, and prosperity. The Harmonic Zone offers authentic scientifically oriented Classical Feng Shui.

Kinesiology may also eliminate stress surrounding your specific goal. Feel better and move speedily forward with your life's aspirations at any age!

Have a Very Happy New Year and New Decade

Full of Light and Love and Great Success!

Bonnie Z

Brain Gym® is the registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation.

copyright 2019, The Harmonic Zone, LLC


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