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Inspire: Sunny Thoughts!

Beautiful Butterfly!

Are your thoughts sunny?

Or are they blue?

Moving forward or stuck in the past?

It is a good experience to enjoy the now....being in the moment. Being grateful for the big and small of it all!

What will worry and fretting do? It can consume your time and your energy. What benefit is that to you?

Yes, it is appropriate to take stock of your situation. This can assist you in making the right decisions about the next step along your journey.

There is a point where action is the key. Thinking or constantly worrying can be a revolving circle.....a non-stop cycle.

Jump off the treadmill and take action. One step at a time! Have goals. Make right decisions and move forward.

If you perceive a mistake was made, just get back up. Forgive and love yourself and others. Stay focused on those sunny thoughts. Take right action towards your goals.

See the sunshine. Dispense of the doom and gloom. A positive attitude can carry you a long way toward the success that you seek.

It all goes back to sunny thoughts. Seeing what is the positive. Focusing on wholesome situations for you and your loved ones.

A sunny thought is like a butterfly that easily glides through the air...floating on the breeze. Touching down to enjoy the flowery wonderland.

Sunny thoughts help propel you into what is good, positive, and rewarding!

Let the sun shine in your life today!


copyright 2020, The Harmonic Zone, LLC



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