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Inspire: Valentine's Joy!

Treat Yourself!

Be Happy and Smile on Valentine's Day!

Whether you are with someone special or not, there are always ways to treat yourself and brighten the day!

Spend time with friends, family, or that someone special. Go out for dinner. Try something new. Treat yourself to a special dessert or yummy food, clothes, see a movie, or go to the spa and pamper yourself!

Smile and Laugh!

Remember that one needs to love oneself in order to more fully love and enjoy others. Let go of negativity toward yourself. That may include such things as put downs, anger, non- forgiveness for perceived mistakes (no one if perfect), blame or shame, or anything that you may think of that is hurtful or unkind toward self.

Replace the negatives with love, joy, gratitude, and kindness. Love yourself and love others! Let the sun shine through for a new day of joy!

Enjoy smiling and laughing this Valentine's Day!

Bonnie Z

copyright 2020, The Harmonic Zone, LLC



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