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Is Feng Shui in the Way of Relationships?

Can Feng Shui effect relationships?


What relationships can it effect?

Just about any type!

  • Romantic

  • Coworkers

  • Business Partnerships

  • Parents and Children

  • Relatives

  • The Boss and Employees

  • Friends

Yes Classical Feng Shui can effect almost any type of relationship!

What Feng Shui aspect could be the cause?

1. Are you sitting with your back to an open door or vulnerable to people walking up from behind you?

2. Sitting or sleeping under overhead beams?

3. Doors across from each other?

4. Are you sitting in the position of power at work or has your power been given away to the employees?

5. Are you sabotaging relationships with the photos, paintings, or decor?

6. Is the color scheme out of wack with your Feng Shui?

7. Is there a lack of supportive outdoor features related to the specific House Type of your home?

8. Are the inherent properties of your home or office, related to the precise compass direction (24 main categories) and the year when the building was constructed, improving or hindering relationships?

9. Are the children controlling the parents?

10. Having trouble finding or keeping a romantic relationship? (This may be effected by sleeping in the Lonely Pillow direction or living in a No Marriage House.)

11. Sharp or pointy architectural features in the bedroom or key areas?

12. Even the bed position in regard to specific people or the home's overall Feng Shui may be an issue in romance.

Some of the above items may even effect health and well-being or finances.

Classical Feng Shui seeks to remedy challenges and enhance the positive to promote enhanced relationships, well-being, and financial prosperity.

This is accomplished through the use of remedies made of the 5 elements of water, wood, fire colors, earth, or metal. You choose what matches your taste and decor! As modern science says, Everything is Energy!

Today this ancient method is used by CEO's, politicians, entertainers, business women and men, and in homes to boost success!

Join others in reaping the benefits of Authentic Feng Shui! Contact Bonnie today for a free 1/2 consultation to discuss your particular situation. Everything may be done long distance in most cases. That way you can feel safe during the 2020 "virus" season.

Enjoy the beauty of the day!

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