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Modern Feng Shui Books Verses Classical Feng Shui

Updated: May 13, 2020

Modern Feng Shui Books... Verses... Authentic "Classical Feng Shui"

Classical Feng Shui:

  1. Feeling stressed out by relationships at home?

  2. Are there financial concerns?

  3. Has health declined or just feeling blah?

  4. Would you perhaps like to get a better nights sleep?

Imagine having more harmony and peace in your home that boosts your success. Classical Feng Shui addresses these issues and more.

Brief History

Classical Feng Shui's roots go back about 5,000 years. Records carved in stone date to this time period. It is based on architectural design, astronomy, and the environment.

Modern Feng Shui was created to make it easier for the west during the 1970’s and beyond. It can be financially lucrative to it’s creators, but does it really work?

Some Key Differences

Classical Feng Shui

  • Uses a precise compass reading

  • Time period when a biding was constructed

  • Involves mathematical calculations and logic

  • Addresses both Time and Space in relation to a building

  • No nick-knacks or odd looking items are recommended

  • Utilizes décor of the 5 elements of water, wood, fire colors, earth, or metal to enhance and remedy specific areas

  • Potential health, relationship, and financial issues can be determined

  • Specific recommendations to address the above challenges to fix or avoid potential problems Before they happen

  • Addresses issues for specific occupants

  • Based on architectural design, astronomy, and the environment

  • Once guarded secrets passed on through the centuries

Modern Feng Shui

  • Based on the front door with no compass reading, basic direction, or intuition

  • Promotes use of special nick-knacks that may be difficult to find or costly

  • One size fits all cures and colors

  • Color or remedy cures that may potentially be harmful to health, finances, or relationships all of the time or in certain years

  • Does not use the changing cycles of time

  • Some books are written by someone who only read other books before writing their own book

Modern Feng Shui is colorful, but does it work?

For real benefits, it is best to use

Authentic Classical Feng Shui!

The Good News is.......There are Now...

Special Discounts!

The Harmonic Zone is offering special discounts during these trying times. This is to assist people to overcome the challenges presented to everyone this year.

If you are interested, please contact me to learn more and to discuss your specific situation.

Have a wonderful day!

Bonnie Z

copyright 2020, The Harmonic Zone, LLC


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