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Stepping Up! Moving Forward! How are your steps?

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Stepping Up and Moving Forward with Intensity and Speed!

Are you taking steps forward? Or perhaps some forward and some backward? Where are your steps leading you?

In the race of life it is good to able to move forward. Sometimes people can feel stuck in a certain area. Things may be stagnant and not moving.

In certain situations this may just be a breather, a short respite. But if this is an ongoing issue, it might be time to take action.

There are different avenues that may be pursued to get the ball rolling again, to move up and forward with increased ease and joy.

Brain Gym®

Brain Gym offers 26 different activities and a process called a Brain Gym Balance to assist people in moving forward related to a specific goal. This fun process actually makes new neurological connections in the brain. These new pathways can change an activity from challenging to something that is easier and requires less thinking. It turns out to be much more enjoyable, even fun. Many people like to Maximize their Brain Power with Brain Gym!

Stress Relief

Stress may hold people back from moving forward. There are many options out there to find better peace of mind. You may use exercise as simple as daily walking, listening to calm music, meditation, yoga, doing a creative activity, or taking time to do things that are like play or fun - outside of the daily work routine to name a few. Brain Gym activities and Kinesiology may also offer a centering and grounding experience.


Good dietary habits can make a huge difference. Including protein, fruits, and vegetables is generally a good practice for many people. Eating a lot of sugary products can backfire, causing a drop in blood sugar levels, leading to cravings for more sweet items. It may even make people feel blue.

Eating more whole foods verses processed is key. Some grain products may cause feelings of hunger later. One may choose to experiment with this to see how grains effect you personally.

Removing Clutter

Clutter can cause the movement of air currents in a building or room to become stagnant. It may actually block life! It can dam up the flow. This relates to Classical Feng Shui and the key aspects of relationships, well-being, and prosperity.

Many people have experienced the sense of relief and the energetic boost that a good cleaning and organizing produces. For example, look for areas with too much furniture, papers, or belongings scattered. Things do not have to be immaculate to still yield good results.

Now to steps. Literally keeping stairways and landings clear is not not only a safety issue. It may present itself as a metaphor for where life is right now. Moving up and forward? It is always best to use the steps for walking!

Moving Forward! Stepping Up!

The Key is to Take Action! See how you can easily step forward! Find what methods you enjoy and work best for you!

Step up for greater freedom of movement in life!

Brain Gym® is the registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation.

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