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Nick-Nacks or Classical Feng Shui

Cute Kitty!

Small Water Desk Top Fountain with Light

Are these used in Classical Feng Shui?

Nick-Nacks are often sold as Feng Shui "Cures".

Guess what?

They are not used in Traditional also known as Classical Feng Shui. People use them in the hopes that it will help them with issues in their lives.

Nick-Nacks are at the best symbolical in nature. The cat above is Said to be for wealth. But does it work?

There are many versions that are gold colored which have a waving arm, that is solar powered. Cute! But not Authentic Feng Shui.

There are many such things such as a pair of mandarin ducks to find romance or even something a bit more odd looking, like a 3 legged toad with a coin in it's mouth.

People are free to experiment with such things. For good results Classical Feng Shui is the Best Choice!

As for the small desk top fountain above: Water and light may both be used in Classical Feng Shui......but not together.

The goal of true Feng Shui is to enhance relationships, prosperity, and well-being. To increase overall happiness!

Classical Feng Shui uses "remedies" made out of the 5 elements. Water, wood, fire colors, earth, or metal.

It is a sister science to acupuncture which is also based on the principles of the 5 elements. Today acupuncture is being used for service men and women here in America.

How to you find out what element to use and where it needs to go?

Traditional Feng Shui uses a precise compass reading and when the building was constructed. This is the basis for mathematical calculations which determine what is best to either enhance an area, or provide a remedy for potential issues.

Classical Feng Shui uses both space and changing cycles of time. It is a very complex scientifically based method in comparison to the One-Size-Fits-All Modern methods.

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Have a Wonderful Day!

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