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Yes....there is Feng Shui and then there is Feng Shui!

    As far as the masculine verses the feminine ways of doing Feng Shui, what works is what counts!  It is all about the yin and yang, the feminine and masculine, or even the right and left hemispheres of the brain.  The analytical and logical or the intuitive and knowing.

     How can one aspect work well on it's own?  The answer is that things must work together in the dynamics, of the wholeness, of the Tai Chi.  What is one without the other?  It simply would not exist!

      It is as the ebb and flow of the universe.  The undulations of cosmic flow.  Everything revolves around the whirling vortex of the center.

       Yet yin has a small dot of yang in it and yang has a small dot of yin it.  They are truly joined whirling vortexes of light.  The centripetal and centrifugal aspects of life. The Oneness of universe!

Yes....there is Feng Shui and then there is Feng Shui!

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