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What is LOVE?

What is Love?

The sometimes seemingly illusive dream?

Love is actually everywhere. It exists all around and in us.
The world is propelled by the many forms of love.

Love of family and friends.
Love of people with similar interests.
Love of country.
Love of all!

The key is to love yourself. Let the joy spread to others. Make a list of all of the good things that you love about yourself.

Too often people are listening to the inner critic... that says that one is such and such like condemning self for perceived failures. Turn off the inner voice that puts you down.

Instead write that list of positive attributes that you have to offer the world. What kind things that you have done to help someone along the way? With your children, parents, nieces or nephews, the neighbor, someone at work... a total stranger.

Yes when you look at this list, you will see that you are truly full of love and good deeds! Appreciate yourself and others.

Please continue to experience and give the glow of LOVE... for that is what life is all about!

Happy Valentines Day!


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