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Inspire: Healthy Living in 2020!

Action Plan for Healthy Living!

How can we stay safe in 2020?

The past record has shown from the Spanish flu from early last century, that taking precautions is the best way. Social distancing and masks were used back then. Where this was implemented, people had less problems with the flu.

Yes social distancing and wearing masks can help. What else can people do?

These ideas are not meant to replace any advice given to you by your doctor or any other type of medical professional. You are responsible for your own health and well-being. Everyone has a unique constitution requiring people to follow what is best for them.

Promote Health and Well-Being!

  • Be sure to eat right as best you can.

  • Things like fresh fruit that has vitamin c, antioxidants, and enzymes is a healthy choice.

  • A sufficient quality of good protein is essential.

  • Sticking to one of those diets that is not balanced could put the body at risk for disease.

  • Quality oil is also essential. As an example, the body can not manufacture linoleic acid. It needs to come from an outside source. Avoid hydrogenated oils of any type.

  • Vegetables are full of nutrients and fiber.

  • Good quality water is a key. The body is composed of a large amount of water, up to 60%. Key organs including the brain contain even more water than this.

  • Drink water to keep the brain thinking well! Ditch fuzzy thinking with sufficient quantities of life giving water!

  • If you live in the city you may benefit from a good water filter to remove additives. The country dwellers may desire to improve their water supply by removing farming chemicals to improve health.

  • Plenty of sleep is essential.

  • Taking a periodic rest break can also enhance health, well-being, and assist the body to rejuvenate.

  • Exercise to keep the body fit.

  • Fresh air and sunshine enliven the soul.

  • Taking time to boost the mind and body with PLAY! Do something that is uplifting that you enjoy.

  • Laughter is very good medicine! Smile! Smile! Smile!

  • Remember to follow safe guidelines during the Covid-19 season.

  • Practicing your own faith or beliefs may be very comforting in challenging times.

  • Meditation, deep breathing, or other relaxation techniques enhance well-being and peace of mind.

  • A positive mental attitude. Focus on the good. Reach out for help when you need it.

  • Staying connected with people by phone, internet, or by other means.

  • Learn Brain Gym's fun activity, called PACE, for relaxation, grounding, and more!

Smile and Have a Happy and Healthy Day!

copyright 2020, The Harmonic Zone, LLC


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